The most charming small towns and villages in Northern Spain

The Spanish countryside is often overlooked when people think of places to visit in Spain. With so many of the country’s most famous monuments located in large cities or beaches, it’s easy to forget that there are some of the most charming villages in the world to visit, or even for a living. We’ll introduce some small towns and villages in Spain that we love. You may also consider moving there if you like.

1. Girona

Let’s first start with Catalonia. It’s a region full of medieval villages in Spain. Time Out Magazine said the Girona or Gerona area has some of the most charming villages in Spain. Some small towns in Girona include:

Besalu, Girona, Spain
A medieval village in Besalu, Girona of Spain


It is a small town with a lot of different old houses. Travellers will usually be mesmerized by the terraces in medieval villages. The area has few old properties for sales. The cost is usually quite cheap. A 3 bedroom apartment just costs less than EUR 200K. If people love quiet country life, Besalú is a very good option for those who love villages in Spain.

Castellfollit de la Roca

Inside a church of Spain
A stone house in Castellfollit de la Roca

It is one of the most scenic villages in Catalonia. It’s perched atop a cliffside at the meeting point of two rivers. Travellers are always charmed by the rural villages and small towns in Spain. If you are from the city, you will love it. According to our research, the property price in Castellfollit de la Roca is very cheap. With less than EUR 200K, you can get a 3 bedroom semi-detached house.

If you are lucky, you may even be able to buy a castle for EUR 500K. Sounds good for the lovers of villages in Spain!

Santa Pau

Santa Pau is a picturesque village at the centre of the Baixa Garrotxa region in Catalonia. It is located in the province of Lleida and is in the comarca of Alt Penedès. The population in 2013 was 649. Santa Pau is also the name of the municipality. You will be able to find the charming medieval towns, castles as well as forests around the region. Isn’t it a good idea to escape modern life and go back to the village in Spain for a quiet life?

Santa Pau, Spain
Santa Pau, Spain

The price range of the properties for sale in Santa Pau varies a lot. Some can be cheap with less than EUR 120K. But some can be quite expensive with a price tag of more than EUR 1 million.


Village in Spain
Isn’t it beautiful in Beget?

It’s a place you will fall in love with: the stones floor on the street, the postcard-like town scenes, beautiful architecture. If you are someone who would love to live in a fairytale-like house, Beget is for you. You may be able to find some houses built on stones sold at a price of around EUR 245K. It’s a definitely good deal for properties in Spain villages.

2. Asturias

Asturias, Spain
Asturias, Spain. If you are a countryside lover, find a home there!

Asturias is located in the north of Spain, close to the Portuguese border. The beauty of this region is its landscapes. This area offers almost everything: beaches, mountains, woods, small villages, cities, castles, and many other things. Why the properties are attractive in Asturias? It’s because you will like the quiet charm of a sleepy and small fishing village.


Hillside village Spain
A hill village of Bandujo, Spain

It’s one of the most captivating villages in Asturias. Bandujo attractions include a castle, church, waterfall, and the natural features that surround it. Visit the village with some of the world’s best hiking trails and enjoy the delightful views from the lookout points. If you are interested to look for properties to buy in Bandujo, you may check out the properties for sale in Proaza in your search. You can find a wide range of properties for sale in the region.


Small fishing village in Luarca
Fishing village in Luarca, Spain

Luarca is a very small fishing village on the gulf side of the Luarca river. We found it a quiet, relaxed and friendly place with lots of places to eat and sleep. The town is a few kilometres from the beach and from the village, you can hike up to the top of the island (which is just a short distance from the village).

Luarca has a lot of cheap properties for sale. Some 2 bedroom apartments can cost as little as EUR 60K.


Fishing village of Spain
Fishing Village of Tazones, Spain

Do you like old fishing villages? Do you like seafood? Tazones in Villaviciosa is a place for you. The place got nice little houses some restaurants all selling fresh seafood. It has a little port and with the low tide a little beach. You can go for a nice little stroll. If people love small villages life in Spain near the sea, they should consider buying properties here in Tazones.

House prices in Tazones or Villaviciosa are cheap. As of the research in 2021, you may be able to find a home with less than EUR 60K.

3. Cantabria

Seaside of Spain, Cantabria
Cantabria is a very picturesque area of Spain

Located in Northwestern Spain, Cantabria is a lovely region with a lot of natural beauty. You can go hiking, have a nice swim in the sea and enjoy the local cuisine. There are a lot of castles around Cantabria and you can visit one of them. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, properties in the region always have mountains or seas as a backdrop. In this region, you will encounter some of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Santillana Del Mar

Santillana Del Mar, Spain
Santillana Del Mar

It’s an idyllic town with medieval charm. It is considered the most beautiful village in Spain. You will be able to see the stone houses, cobblestone streets, little cafes and restaurants. It has a lot of historic buildings that make a lot of travellers visit. How about buying a property there?

It is not expensive. For example, a 3 bedroom detached house can cost less than EUR 250K. It’s a good option for those who love stone houses in Spanish villages.


Aerial view of seaside
Aeria view of Comilla, Spain

If you like architecture, you will love Comillas. It is famous for its historic architecture. Apart from architecture, it is famous for its beaches. For all these reasons, it makes Comillas one of the favourite places for tourists. It is a popular place for retirees who want to live in a quiet village in Spain.

Property prices in Comillas are usually in a higher price range, especially the beachfront houses for sale. With that being said, you can still find some detached houses in a lower price range. As of 2021, the prices of property for sale are usually about EUR 500K to EUR 2 million.

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