How to Live in Italy – The Elective Residence Visa

Italy is a beautiful country in Europe which attracts thousands of tourists come to visit every year. It’s a place with rich history and culture. It attracts different kinds of people who want to come and live in Italy. The Mediterranean climate is suitable for those who want to retire in the long term. As a result, the Italian government has a visa regime in place to cater to different kinds of people who want to move there. In this article, we will mainly focus on the Elective Residence Visa, which is popular with non-EU citizens who want to live in Italy for the long term.

Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy

Italy Immigrant Visas

There are different types of immigration visas that allow non-EU citizens to stay in Italy for the long term. It includes a student visa, infra-company transfer residence permit, Italian start-up visa, European Blue Card, investor’s visa, elective residence visa and resident non-domiciled program. The conditions of applying for these visas are different. Today we’ll focus on the Elective Residence Visa.

Stone house for sale in Italy
Stone house for sale in Italy

The Elective Residence Visa

It is a type of visa which allows people to stay in Italy as long as they have passive incomes from abroad. In other words, you need to have incomes different from work: for example, investments, rents, pensions, etc.

The criteria is based on how much you earn per month from your passive income. For example, do you own property in your home country for rental purposes? Do you own stocks that pay out dividends?

What is the requirement of the amount of passive income I need to earn?

You need to show an annual income of at least €30,000.00. The immigration authority may also require you to have suitable accommodation in Italy.

Typical villa you can find in Italy
Typical villa you can find in Italy

Can my family member be granted the Elective Residence Visa?

Yes. The dependent spouses and minor children and dependent children over 18 living with their parents may receive the Elective Residence Visa, assuming that the applicant can demonstrate adequate financial assets to support them. Please note that a birth or marriage certificate will be required. You should check with the local Italian Embassy in your country about the specific requirements of the documents.

What is the process of applying the Italian Elective Residency Visa?

If you decided to apply for the Italian Elective Residency Visa, you need to apply for it at the Italian Embassy or Consulate nearest you. Please check out the following process here:

1. Make Appointment with the Italian Embassy or Consulate

Make an appointment with the Italian Embassy or Consulate near you. Please note that usually, you need to go to the Embassy or Consulate in person. You can schedule this appointment online.

2. Fill in the Online Visa Application

After making your online booking, you may fill in the online visa application on the website at Download, complete and sign the required application form. Please make sure that you print the form with the barcode. You need this for the visa appointment. For more information, please visit the website of the consulate or embassy nearest you.

3. Gather all the required documents

To facilitate the Elective Residency Visa application, Italian Embassy or Consulate will ask for different sets of documents such as:

  • Financial Statements (e.g. bank statements)
  • Accommodation Details
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Valid passport
  • Long-Stay Visa Application Form
  • Passport-size photos
  • Police clearances

4. Attend the Appointment

The next step is to show up at the appointment on the pre-scheduled date and time. You need to pay the fees for processing the visa.

5. Wait for the result

6. Go to Italy

If the government approves your visa, you will be able to go to Italy and start your new life.

7. Apply for Elective Residence Permit

After you arrive in Italy, you need to apply for the Elective Residence Permit. You should do this within 8 days upon arriving in Italy. You may go to the local post office or local police station to apply for this permit.

sea in Italy
Italy is a tourist destination. Every year it attracts thousands of people to visit the country.

What do I need to pay attention?

Please note that the Elective Visa Residency is a temporary residence permit. The Italian government usually issues you a one-year residence permit. If you want to stay longer, you need to renew it after a year.

Can I get permanent residency or citizenship with the Elective Residency Visa?

If you have lived in Italy with the Elective Residence Permit for at least 5 years, you can apply for the permanent residence permit. After living in Italy with a permanent residence permit for at least ten years, you can apply for Italian citizenship.

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