The most charming small towns and villages in Northern Spain

The Spanish countryside is often overlooked when people think of places to visit in Spain. With so many of the country's most famous monuments located in large cities or beaches, it's easy to forget that there are some of the most charming villages in the world to visit, or even for a living. We'll introduce some small towns and villages in Spain that we love. You may also consider moving there if you like.

Luxurious Villa in Costa del Sol

Buying a home in Spain: A Guide to Spain Real Estate Market in 2021

Although Covid-19 restricts travel, home prices surge in the US, UK, and Germany; property buyers set their sights on Europe. With travel opening up, the second-home market in Spain has seen an uptick in interest from foreign property buyers. There are many places in Spain where you can find a good deal on buying Spain real estate in 2021. Now, trans-Atlantic travel for Americans tentatively resumes and...

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